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Updating i 9 documents

Below we provide answers to some frequently asked questions about the new I-9. Employers shouldn't complete a new I-9 for existing employees unless they have sufficient justification (such as when they must re-verify an employee because his or her work authorization is expiring and the form they used at the time is no longer valid).Without sufficient justification, requiring an existing employee to complete a new I-9 may raise discrimination concerns.Please see Customizing Restricted Information for Managers for more information.1.In the Employees section of the admin dashboard, click on the employee who you want to request additional documents from, or click the Employees app and choose the employee from the list of employees. This requires the employee in TN status to select the An alien authorized to work option, and write down the admission number and expiration date of their I-94, or I-94A, status.The employer may not require the employee to present certain documents in order to verify employment eligibility.The employee has the right to choose which documents to present, provided they are on the I-9's List of Acceptable Documents (see the last page of the form).However, current employees with a temporary employment authorization document (e.g., work visa) may need reverification once the document expires.If so, make sure to uncheck the Eligibility and Collect Eligibility options under Hiring Documents when rehiring the employee.

Employees are able to upload their employment eligibility documentation into the Zenefits system for the administrator to verify within three days of their start date.

I-9 Forms must be stored for three years after the date an employee's hire date, or one year after the employee’s employment ends, whichever is later.

For example, if an employee retires from the company after 15 years, retain their I-9 form for one more year (for a total of 16 years).

Any administrator with sufficient permissions (e.g., can view sensitive information for particular employees) will receive an email notification when the employer's side of a new hire's I-9 is ready for verification.

Managers who have been granted the authority to verify I-9s will be notified and able to view and verify employee I-9s.

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Oct 15, 2015. If an employee gave a receipt for a document upon initially completing the I-9, he or she has 90 days to show the employer the actual document. At that time, the employer should use section 3 on the current version of the Form I-9 to update the information, or line through the old information so that it is still. 
23-Dec-2018 14:29
Because the process of applying for and receiving the updated documentation may take a few months, delayed action by the employee or student worker creates a risk that the original I-9 documentation will expire before the employee or student worker has received the new, valid documentation. If this happens it may result. 
23-Dec-2018 14:33
Updated May 15, 2017 -- For Administrators and Employees. Expired documents are not acceptable for Form I-9. However, employers may accept Employment Authorization Documents Forms I-766 and Permanent Resident Cards Forms I-551 that appear to be expired on their face, but have been extended by USCIS. 
23-Dec-2018 14:37
Nov 15, 2017. Setting company policy as to whether rehires will need to complete a new Form I-9 or if Section 3 will be used. When it is necessary to update or reverify Form I-9, employers should take the following steps Step 1 Ensure Documentation Provided Is Acceptable. An employee may present any unrestricted. 
23-Dec-2018 14:40
I-766; instead, update Section 2 of Form I-9 at that time. When the automatic extension of the Employment Authorization Document. Form I-766 expires 180 days after the expiration date on the face of the Employment. Authorization Document Form I-766, you must reverify the employee's employment authorization. 
23-Dec-2018 14:43
Dec 12, 2016. A The USCIS has previously issued guidelines for correcting I-9 mistakes. Those guidelines say that if an employer discovers that the wrong version of the I-9 was completed at the time of hire, but the documentation presented was acceptable under the rules in place at the time, the employer may. 
23-Dec-2018 14:46
You are not required to update Form I-9 when your employee has a legal change of name. However, it is recommended that you maintain correct information on Forms I-9 and note any name changes in Section 3. Although Form I-9 regulations do not require employees to present documentation to show that they have. 
23-Dec-2018 14:50
Aug 15, 2011. This is why it is important to have a tracking method on documents that have expiration dates, excluding those listed above. You may use Section 3 of Form I-9, or, if Section 3 has already been used for a previous reverification or update, use a new Form I-9. If you use a new Form I-9, write the employee's. 
23-Dec-2018 14:53

Updating i 9 documents introduction

Updating i 9 documents

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