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Has Whitney met your family and your friends and everyone? Jake Frail: Well, she has met my friends that are in Texas. So, we will be heading back there to meet my family before too long but I have a daughter who lives with me part time here in Texas. When they met, it was so crazy because Paige has these hand signals for me ... And so she's sitting in the back of the car and we're going to pick Whitney up, and she's got one hand signal she's gonna touch her hair if she thinks that she's pretty and she's gonna nod her head if she thinks that she's cool when she gets in the car. I mean, it just sounds like you guys are in such an amazing space.

And like we've already talked about, someone who's so protective of her progress that she's made in her life, and that ... There's nothing that could probably cause me to feel more loved than the fact that she is willing to trust me to not get stuck there, to not get comfortable in this place. I think, and we talk about this all the time, my husband and I, in our relationship, just being in the space where you can be your own person but really have someone else's back and really be committed to that person and their happiness and know that you can trust each other. It makes her choice to do that so much more powerful, right?

So, when I heard this story, I was like, “what an amazing situation for you to be able to kind of learn this stuff together and talk about it and then to see it come alive in your relationship.” I'm wondering, is this one of the things ... If I say something to you like, “oh, this is the best relationship I've ever had,” she says “what makes you think that? So, the fact that she knows that and is protecting it and taking care of it, I think is amazing. So many of my clients describe coming home from work and going right to the kitchen and overeating. Overeating late at night after they've put their kids to bed.

And the fact that you recognized that is even more astounding. So Laura has brilliantly decided to just focus on that type of day.

How claustrophobic it feels to go back into that place after coming so far. Brooke Castillo: Especially, you know, you have a woman that's very strong, very independent, very capable. And the fact that you guys talk about this in a way that's really open and honest and, I have to say for you to acknowledge the choice that she's making and what she's choosing to do and really recognize that and appreciate that, is ...

She's not even in the car yet and she's just walking towards the car and Paige saw her and all of a sudden she's waving her head back and forth like she's listening to rock music. But it's gonna have to be from the place that I'm kind of tied to living right now because of Paige. Jake Frail: And so, she is trusting me and I know how scary that is for her.

I think so many of us in our relationships don’t talk about deep subjects – what it’s like to feel our emotions and what’s really going on in our minds. They just started dating, a couple of months before, and they lived about an hour away, I think it was, from each other. He sent me a picture of them on the beach and him proposing to her. I'm so happy to have you on the show and you're going to talk about someone very special to you, yes? Fell in love very fast and have just kind of been realizing that both of us were coming out of positions where we had been putting in a lot of work to better ourselves, not even realizing that we were kind of doing it for each other before we had even met. She's been battling through trying to, more traditionally of your listeners trying to get ... And I found all of that extremely sexy, to be honest. But the funny part was that I had only known her for a week and she just straight up asked me what are your intentions in this relationship? I was like, “man, that she would have the expectation that anyone would know that already at that time.” But at the same time, I did know and so it was pretty exciting and I was so grateful to have the opportunity to just tell her right then that what I was looking for was a life long teammate. So, that really kind of set us off on that path right from the very beginning. Maybe to Whitney if she happens to listen to this someday? And I was only entitled to, sort of, the leftovers of what life had to offer.

Just all these features that I'm so excited that Paige has an example of that in her life. But the part that blows me away, almost emotionally sometimes, is that I live in a small town right now.In his email, Jake said he wanted to propose to Whitney and asked for my help. So this episode is the result of our plan to help Jake propose. We don't talk about what it's like to feel our emotions. And they both loved the podcast so much and Jake sent me an email and it told me that he wanted to propose to Whitney and he wanted me to help him. This sounds great.” And so, our plan became we were going to record a podcast together and he was going to turn it on in the car as if it were a podcast that he was just turning on to listen. And I just want to say congratulations to you Jake and congratulations to you Whitney. I thought you guys might be interested to see a person who has really embraced the idea of not buffering and someone who's willing to feel the feelings and face those feelings in order to kind of move beyond and push themselves and do a life that's more physically and emotionally healthy. She kind of came across your podcast for some inspiration. Yeah but on a much deeper level I guess, what really drew me to her, is that I noticed I was different around her. And she'd only been on there for a day and I think within three she had deleted that from her phone because she didn't like how it fit into her life. Jake Frail: She's just so protective of the progress that she's made but at the same time, it's not threatening. You are the person I was loving by working to heal long before we even met. I have one more coach who is going to talk to you about weight loss.I’m not going to tell you much more; you’re just going to have to listen in to find out how it all went down… Oh, you know, Brooke recorded a new podcast, here it is. I ask him to ask her, hey, can we put this on an episode because I think people will love it and love your story and love that you are getting married and that you shared the podcast and that it's so important to you. I'm so happy for you and I know you're going to have the most amazing marriage and life together. And what I've done, it's kind of an interesting perspective, is I've brought on one of my listeners who has applied this work but has also done it with their partner. Then she shared them with me as I came into her life and I started listening to them as well. And all of us women, we love to know that our honey's think we're beautiful. I've been coming through some stuff of my own and I just found my light back on again when I was with her. Of course you're having fun when you're falling in love with someone but also she really holds me accountable, I guess. Jake Frail: So, as I felt that accountability, it felt so good to me. I've got to back it up and it often causes me to do a little deeper reflection. It's very, very attractive to see someone who values the work they've put in to that extent. It lets you get to know them so quickly to be around someone that's so authentic, I guess. You are the person who is worth this comfort of remaining transparent when I feel embarrassed and you're worth continuing to work for, even when I'm tired. I decided to choose all of my weight loss coaches for January because a lot of people set that as a resolution for what they want to do. He shared how they were falling in love and developing their relationship while listening to this show and discussing it together. This is such a defining moment and I have the most amazing episode for you. We got this email from Jake, one of my listeners, and he was telling me all about how he and his girlfriend, Whitney, listen to the podcast together. And we have just had a very strong connection ever since then. Whitney's been listening to you for quite a bit longer than I have. One of the things I noticed about Whitney right away was that she is intent on living her life intentionally and she puts a really high value on her time and her thoughts. So, hopefully, Whitney will get a chance to hear this and is there anything you want to say on the podcast? Is there anything you kind of want to do a shout out? I know I've told you this before but before I met you, I was completely ready to live the rest of my life as if I'd already had my run. Not too long ago, I received an email from one of my listeners, Jake, telling me about how he and his girlfriend, Whitney, listen to the podcast together and apply everything that they’ve learned. So, you want to tell us a little bit about her and your relationship with her? We started dating a few months back - a little over four months ago. Jake Frail: Sometimes together, but often times we listen to it separate and then talk about it. And I do think that having this experience and listening to the podcast together, I think will just continue to create that bond ongoing. I'm sure that you're listening to this as a matter of fact.

He’ll tell you the only reason he’s still alive and kicking is because of his ability to talk his way into (and out of) just about any type of situation.

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