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She grabs me in a bone crushing hug, making me grunt. " "I think you like fucking my husband," she smiles. I've probably fucked him as much as I've fucked Benji. My stomach drops while I try to stammer an explanation. She crooks a finger, "Come here." I go stand in front of her. She rips the ass out of my pants, exposing me fully.She's a few inches taller than me, and, being an Anthro horse, much stronger. " I pull up the video, "I thought we would start with the beginner's course. She throws me to the floor, then pulls me to my knees by my ponytail. She forces me to stand still while she spanks me with her bare hand. She pulls me off her cock, dropping me to the floor. " I give her my sultriest look, which isn't easy when you're covered in cum. She stands, and strips, "Oh, I'm showering with you." She throws me across her shoulder with ease, making me squeal.Anyways, have fun and make sure to read my reviews!It has a role playing action and it is a massive multiplayer platform.

The slapping sounds of our bodies drowned out by my own noises. Who the fuck gets off to Pikachu fucking Misty anal with a huge shemale futa dick, while that yellow little shit keeps moaning "pika, pika"? Nothing I can really say about this picture other than gush about how long and thick and juicy Chell’s cock is and how much her stripper-style power-squat is really showing off those wide hips and how yummy her cum-splattered breasts look! I hope I'm physically, and mentally, prepared for this. Hope Ollie won't mind getting my sloppy seconds today." She chuckles, "He won't mind, because I told him I was coming over here." She grabs a fistful of hair, making me yell. " She punctuates each word with a slap across my face. She pounds my tonsils mercilessly, taunting me the whole time. She slaps me across the face a few times with her heavy stallion meat, "Clean it." I lick every drop of spunk, mixed with my juices, off her massive pole, and pendulous balls.Standing on my porch is my Fun Time Filly Friend, Pudding Juggler, wearing an indigo blue tank top, and matching yoga pants, that looks good next to her orange body, and golden mane. "You know, like he didn't do last time he was over here! I see my Tumblr, with a picture of me being fucked from behind by Ollie. "Shit Meg, now I know why Ollie likes this so fucking much. Pudding sits down on the couch, her dick already hard again.

By the time she's finished my cheeks are glowing red, and tears fill my eyes. "Put it in your ass, Slut." She grins, "I know you want to." I stare at it, my stomach in knots. "Open your mouth," she barks, sweat running down her face. " She's got a death grip on my hair, while she jerks her stiff rod. "I'm going to do it again soon as you leave." She sets me down, pulling me into a long kiss.

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Futa portal fuck

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