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Essays about internet dating Free to message adult sex dating

The first category can be described as "now selves." Now selves "describe the self as it is presently is perceived by the individual." Another potential category is "possible selves." Possible selves are "images of the self that have not yet been realized but that are hoped for or feared (Markus & Nurius, 1986, p957, cited in Yurchisin, Watchravesringkan, & Mc Cable, 2005, p737).

Markus and Nurius (1986) demonstrated that possible selves play an important role in the identity re-creation process.

The high level of anonymity that the Internet allows as compared to face-to-face encounters offers individuals the opportunity to showcase elements of their personalities or self-perceptions they may not ordinarily present in person (Yurchisin, Watchravesringkan, & Mc Cable, 2005).

Furthermore, the anonymity that Internet dating offers may enable individuals to effectively lie about themselves, and exaggerate specific characteristics they would like to possess or may have the potential to possess in the future (Mantovani, 1995; Riva & Galimberti, 1997) (Yurchisin, Watchravesringkan, & Mc Cable, 2005).

Particularly on Internet dating sites, individuals create profiles of themselves that contain information about their physical appearance, demographics, and personality characteristics.

Moreover, Internet dating can be viewed as a potential advancement of the use of new technologies in the postmodern world.

It is also true that technology and the many advancements of mobile communication that are available to help people navigate their daily lives no matter where they live in the world is extensive and overwhelming Modern individuals that live in the digital age are turning their backs on the traditional relationships customs of the past and seem to be creating and developing their own way of cultivating personal relationships with other human beings.

For example due to much advancement of technology and the effects it has on the world’s interaction with each other as a whole the old way of cultivating, maintaining, and restoring relationships with individuals are becoming extinct in favor of the enjoyment of interacting with anyone and everyone via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, instant and text messages, social media sites, which are all the rage today but these same means of interacting with human beings will become obsolete as soon as someone decides to either create or develop a new way to both interact with others and accomplish the daily tasks that are associated with normal functions of life on earth.

Additionally, individuals also use their behavior in online contexts to modify their identities.

Research conducted by Schau and Gilly (2003) demonstrated that consumers utilize personal website postings to learn about themselves and communicate aspects of their identities to others.

The context of Internet dating offers individuals opportunities to explore their possible selves online and offline and at the same time; Internet dating allows individuals to use a combination of online and offline behavior and feedback to re-create their identities.

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Essays about internet dating introduction

Essays about internet dating

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