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They all smelled more or less the same, and they all smelled dated, old, stale, and 'old man'-ish. I immediately purchased it, and that's when I fell down the rabbit hole of perfumery.

The aromatic notes are ones I generally love, so maybe I'm just not a big fan of herbs in fragrances.

Thank you JPG and Le Male for opening my eyes to a whole new world! And I do get comments on it quite a bit, I guess because it's (unknown to me at the time of buying) a cult classic.

It's a sophisticated, grown-up vanilla that's incredibly multifaceted.

Up until 2015ish I was never actually a perfume kinda guy - I rarely ever wore perfume/cologne and never bought my own, because to me all male perfumes/colognes smelled the same (yes, even the high-end ones; the Armanis, Guccis, Diors and whatnot).

They all just smelled like 'male cologne' - you know, that typical 'citrus, a bit of basil and/or lavender, a bit of pepper, a bit of bitter wood', that barbershop 'cologne' smell. Male perfumes could smell completely amazing and unique ?

Of course I think it might be cloying on a warm day but this is really a such a pleasant scent.

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Dr paul dating os introduction

Dr paul dating os

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