Dating norms china

If you meet someone in Japan you may wish to give them a little bow, but you do not necessarily need to bow to everyone who bows to you.

As soon as you step out of your shoes, step up straight onto the main floor and to be polite, you might like to turn around and reposition your shoes neatly or put them in the appropriate place.

Many Japanese people use the head-nod in more casual everyday situations.

There are several forms of bowing, such as the 45-degree 15-degree bow is semi-formal and used for greetings when meeting people for the first time.

Today people still take off their footwear, partly to keep the inside of the building clean, but also as a sign of respect.

As a visitor to Japan, you may not find yourself entering too many private homes but you will probably find yourself in a traditional (entrance hall), which will most often be on a slightly different level to the rest of the floor.

Virgin or veteran, I feel for any Westerner or Easterner who dates or aspires to date inter-culturally this is worth a read. You might just understand the other half a little better after this.

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Dating norms china introduction

Dating norms china

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