Dating hypnosis techniques for woman

If you don’t drink beer, you still won’t, whether the suggestion is “embedded” or not.If a woman doesn’t find you attractive and doesn’t want to sleep with you, then layering “hidden suggestions” into your language like “below me” (blow me) or “new direction” (nude erection) might make her unconsciously think of a nude erection but it won’t do much else for you.Well, it’s important to remember that there are no shady practices—only shady people.As an NLP trainer, I want to share with you just how powerful NLP really can be (when used for good) at getting you the results you want in life; no sleazy manipulation of others is required.When you start talking, stay confident and ask her lots of questions about herself (women love to talk about themselves).Create compelling conversation that elicits emotional ups and downs (she will then anchor the ups to you)., the method is really just a specific conversation technique aimed to elicit strong emotions from a female that she will then associate with the man next to her (you).Dating coaches will advise against this technique because 1.) It’s to accomplish and 2.) It’s really not fair to the girl.

There are many pick-up artists and dating coaches who have completely bastardized NLP as a sleazy, underhanded tool of manipulating people against their will (and no, I’m not naming names…).Although is similar to the tactic used by soap operas: likable, easy to identify with characters are exposed to heart-wrenching drama in order to get the audience emotionally invested in the show.And it works – think about how many women like soap operas! The goal here is to establish trust between the two of you.For example, if I say “cold beer” then you can’t help but think of a cold beer, right?But that doesn’t mean you’ll turn into some kind of zombie that automatically goes to the fridge to crack one open (must…have…cold…beer…).

So, if you’ve read any pick-up material that suggests that you can “NLP” a woman into bed, this in inaccurate.

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Dating hypnosis techniques for woman introduction

Dating hypnosis techniques for woman

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