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If someone IMs you who isn't on your Buddy List, you'll get a message saying that "[screen name] has sent you an IM. " You always have the option to ignore an IM and even to block a particular screen name from ever sending you an IM again.If you want to IM several people at the same time, you can invite all the participants to join a temporary chat room.Simply type your message into the white text box near the bottom of the IM window.When you're finished typing, either hit the enter key on your keyboard or click the "send" button in the bottom right corner of the IM window.A new AIM group, "Facebook Friends," will appear on your Buddy List.To start chatting, double-click your Facebook friend's name to open an IM and begin chatting.The default Buddy List groups are Buddies, Family, Co-Workers and AIM Bots (automated Buddies for movie times, stock quotes, et cetera).

To add a smiley to your message, click on the yellow smiley face icon and make your selection.

You can also enter more information about the person, including his e-mail address and mobile phone number.

Your Buddy List tells you which of your contacts are online and which are offline.

OK, now let's look at some of the newer, more advanced features of AIM.

A classic feature of AIM is the smiley or emoticon.

Here's how you set up a chat: A chat room works the same as normal IM.

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Oct 6, 2017. "As a result we've made the decision that we will be discontinuing AIM effective December 15, 2017." Separately, AOL informed current and past AIM users via email that they will be able to use the service until the shut-down date. After that, all of their data, including their buddy lists, will be deleted. 
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A window will pop up. There will be a list of options on the side, so click on Expressions. It's the 7th one down. At the right hand top corner, your current icon/picture will appear. 5. Follow this step both the window with your selected icon open or minimized, and have the Settings/Expressions window open. 
31-Aug-2018 15:23
Oct 6, 2017. AOL Instant Messenger, or AIM, was an iconic instant messaging service, known for its yellow man icon and buddy lists that allowed customers to see which of their friends were online. Yet consumers have shifted away from AOL as well as AIM, relying instead on texting on smartphones, Twitter, Facebook. 
31-Aug-2018 15:28
Nov 23, 2016. Even if you haven't logged on to AIM in a decade, you can still log on and see your old buddy list. 
31-Aug-2018 15:34
Oct 19, 2016. Want to connect your Facebook Chat account to AIM? Facebook users can now send and receive IMs using AIM 7 and above. To begin, click the "Add+" button on your AIM Buddy List, and select "Set Up Facebook Chat." to continue. See Also How to Sign-in to AIM with Facebook Learn how to sign in to. 
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Aim buddy dating introduction

Aim buddy dating

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